The State of Florida has a long, successful history in resettling refugees and re-uniting Cuban and Haitian families. But this year some in Tallahassee are questioning the value of the state continuing its partnership in the federal program. Elected officials deserve to hear from Floridians who support welcoming refugees and others with protected status. That's why the nine resettlement agencies in the state, the faith community, and immigration advocates have come together in the Floridians Standing with Refugees. We want to tell the great story of faith and patriotism that is refugee resettlement. Please add your name to Floridians Standing With Refugees by signing the civic support statement or the faith support statement found below. We'll share your statement with the appropriate state officials.
  • For decades Floridians have welcomed refugees, opening their hearts and neighborhoods to those fleeing injustice, persecution ad violence.
  • As one of the most diverse states in the U.S., Florida reflects its character in its residents’ warm approach to refugees and legally permitted entrants.
  • Florida's long history of welcoming generations of immigrants and refugees involves extensive community support from includes all sectors of society, including faith groups, business owners and civic associations.
  • In 16 nearly 3,000 refugees from around the world, including men and women who served U.S. troops overseas, and tens of thousands of Cuban-Haitian entrants have started new lives in Florida.
  • The refugee resettlement programs added over $126 million to the Florida economy from federal pass through funding.